About the Author


Probably the only writer born in a bowling alley.  My birth certificate is a sweepstakes entry card.

Amelia isn't my real name (hence the strange birth story), but she's who I sort of became when I first started writing via blog.  Don't fret.  One day, when I'm a famous novelist, you'll finally get to know the REAL real me through my REAL real bio page.  Because there's no way I'm letting those bigwigs write the checks out to an impostor.  I'll try to use this same picture, though, so you don't have trouble recognizing me.

I love books, obviously.  Memoirs and biographies are currently my favorite genres, but I also adore bestsellers, chick lit, YA, and your basic fiction/literature category.  I own a Kindle, but it doesn't have a backlight.  I own a library card, but I get so attached to the books I read that I run out and buy my own copy anyway after I've returned the library's.  I tried starting a book club, where we read a book, discussed it, and then watched the movie that book was based on.  There were three members.  We fell apart when our schedules wouldn't accommodate a summer meeting.  But I still dream of those booky days.  One day, maybe through this blog, I'll find that happiness again.