Library Lovers' Month Has Officially Begun!

I really wanted to write a good post for today, all about libraries and how much I value them and what they bring to our communities.  I was even going to entertain you all with the story of whomever invented the first library, but it turns out that no one on the Internet definitively knows who that was.  You type in "Who invented the library?" on Google, and you know what turns up?  Who invented the toothbrush, who invented radio, and who invented the automobile.  Type in "Who invented the library system" and you get two results on cell phones and about 5 on the Dewey Decimal system, which is closer, but not what I was looking for.

Honestly, I am not really feeling the writing vibe today anyway.  Even what I'm writing now is frustrating me to no end. 

What I should point out is that libraries always have a lot of cool activities going on, so you should look up your local branch and see what you can do to appropriately celebrate Library Lovers' Month.  Most libraries' web sites will have a calendar of events, and then it's all fair game from there.  Here is Lakewood's:

Like on February 16th apparently there is a meeting of the Knit and Lit Book Club.  How do I join that club?  And do I have to know how to knit anything besides a scarf?  These are things I should research during Library Lovers' Month.

And since I cannot think of a way to end this post either, or even find a relevant library video on YouTube, tell me...what do you love about libraries? How do you plan on celebrating this month?


  1. I love the smell. Or rather, I miss the smell, since I haven't been in one in two plus years now. I should get myself a library card for my birthday!

  2. Ahhhhh the smell is a good one. So welcoming. Maybe this weekend I will go back and just sniff.