A New Month, a New Look


Hope you like the new layout.  I'm pretty pleased with the new templates and advanced design capabilities from Blogger in Draft.

I chose the new loose leaf look before I even realized April is National Card and Letter Writing Month.  I was just thinking how appropriate it looks: If I'd been writing reviews of books back when I was a kid, I would have done it in a notebook or journal.  I've always been very comfortable writing on ruled paper.  But, since it is National Card and Letter Writing Month, I'll take the design in that direction tonight and make this post a letter to you, my lovely readers.

Little Women is going well; I have only 300 pages left.  I'm hoping to be finished with it by mid-April, but depending on my work schedule, it may take me until the end of the month.  I don't want to give too much away for my review, but so far it's been very pleasant reading.  I'm fast approaching the part where I quit reading the first time, though, and I'm hoping that won't happen to me again on the second go-around.  I suppose we'll see soon enough.

Right now I'm sort of organizing more post ideas.  The spring and summer are my favorite times of the year for reading, I think, as they probably are for most people.  Something about being outside in the sun with a good book is just so relaxing for me.  It gets me out of the bathroom, anyway. ;)  I like that I can fully appreciate the laziness of summer while educating myself and keeping my mind busy at the same time.  That is called two birds with one stone.  Consider me a proponent.

Anyway, hope your April has been going as well as mine so far.  I just wanted to check in with you and see how y'all are doing.  Come back soon!


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