Share Stuff...Monday?!

(Title links to A Journey Journal of Sorts' most recent post on romantic beach reads -- I found the entry quite charming, so I'm sharing it with you today!)

Speaking of love affairs, I spent the majority of my weekend reading, and it was FABULOUS.  It was so stickily hot and stormy outside...the perfect weather for curling up in a camping chair on the porch with a great book, letting the warm, dry breezes sweep over you.  Too hot to do anything but relax and delve into a good story. A date with words.

And really, just like a whiff of someone's cologne can cause a fond tug on your heartstrings, there are certain times of day, or there is certain weather, or certain lighting, that bring to the surface a real craving for time with a good book.  Then, just like you'd be completely wrapped up in a relationship, those times of day, or that weather, or that lighting can prompt you to get just as lost between the pages of your latest summer fling -- I mean, read.

For me, my nostalgic rendezvous with reading is usually inspired by two scenarios, the first being very specific: Mid- to late-afternoon on a day that's been hot and sunny, but that's also had the building anticipation of a huge downpour.  The sky is a clear, deep blue, but the white puffy clouds that have been gathering all day have increasingly violet underbellies.  You can just feel the moisture in the air, and there's nothing better than looking up from your book to watch the storm roll in, release the rain, and roll back out.

The second is on first waking up to the light outside your window -- a bright, sunny morning.  It can be early morning or late morning.  And you know that all you want to do right then, before you shower or anything, is to pick up your book right where you left off the night before.  To open the blinds a little, maybe even the window if it's a sweet, breezy day, let the sunlight be your lamp and just get lost for an hour or two.  It's like being able to choose a great dream.  Snuggling under the covers and smelling the air blowing through your window screen.  Now that is pure romance.

What turns you on?


  1. Sigh, I used to love to wake up in the morning on a Saturday and read a novel for an hour before getting up. Then I'd move on to the kitchen where I'd read the whole paper over freshly made muffins.

    I will have to come back and read this post and my comment here to console myself when the kids finally go to university :).

  2. Mmmmm, fresh muffins! That sounds so amazing. You've got a long while till university days, though, right? Enjoy the other pleasures while they last! :)