Teaser Tuesday!

This novel-writing thing is a bitch and a half.  I am so far behind I think I might puke.  Again.  Because I was home sick for three days last week, and my queasiness followed me into the weekend, too, so needless to say...writing was not the number one thing on my mind.  Finding the toilet at the right time took some precedence there.  And what the hell am I going to do about the rest of November?  November = Thanksgiving.  November = scrambling to start Christmas shopping.  November = decorating the house.  I am thinking about taking another night off from writing in order to put together a scathing petition to the NaNoWriMo bosses.  Can't we change the month to May?  To February?  To some other month that doesn't occupy my time so completely already?  How do real writers do it?  I'm already bored with my storyline.

You'll have to excuse my bitching.  I'm being really juvenile just trying to get into character.  Writers are moody, right?  With glasses and berets?  (That's another thing.  I HAVE NO BERET.  How can I even hope to succeed?  I must be a giant fool, because I'm still not giving up.)

This is pathetic.

Anyway, it's Teaser Tuesday again!  Live it up:
  1. Grab your current read.*
  2. Let the book fall open to a random page.
  3. Share with us two (2)** "teaser" sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
  4. Share the title and author of the book, so we can investigate on our own if we like the teaser you've given!
  5. Please avoid spoilers!
*To keep this feature periodic, I will be using both teasers from current reads, and from books I've read before, but haven't discussed on this blog.

**Quantity of sentences may vary, depending on how long it takes to finish the thought within those line parameters. Teasers should still make sense!

This week's teaser showcases Daggerspell by Katharine Kerr.   I've had this series on my mind lately, so what better way to memorialize it than to take a teaser from the first of the books?

"And in a while," the master went on, "she'll die to that other world and be born again to this one.  I can't know if your paths will ever cross again."

Thanks to MizB at Should Be Reading for providing the meme.  Until next time, everybody!  ::Reading Rainbow theme song::

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