Blogs are Reading, Too!

...and they give you cool stuff sometimes!

My last post mentioned a good old-fashioned Schmutzie contest, and you're in luck, because another giveaway is here! This time we're vying for an 18x24" rolled poster print from I totally encourage your entering, because not only does Digital Room make their prints using vegetable-based inks, they also recycle all their paper scraps...which we in the book world absolutely love. (Since I do not yet own a Kindle, I'm constantly purchasing its dear paper product counterparts for my own amusement; I try to balance that out by recycling whatever else I can...and definitely by supporting others, like Digital Room, who do the same.)

So sign up! Win! Hurry! She's drawing the champion on September 26!


  1. Wow, you DO have a lot to say about books, so GOOD CHOICE! Just catching up here!

  2. I know! I discovered I actually like having a box to fit into...when it comes to writing, at least. ;)