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Welcome to my book blog! In this space, I plan on writing reviews (mostly my own, but possibly putting up others' as well); posting links to awesome bookish things around the city of Cleveland, where I currently reside; making lists; catching up on the roller coaster that is paperless technology; and just taking the time to celebrate the wonders of reading. I'll warn you right off the bat, my reviews will most likely not stay with current trends, because the books I tend to pick up are usually a few years dated and in paperback already. I love paperback.

About me:

I've been in love with reading for as long as I can remember. Before I was very good at it, I would memorize the books my mom read to me and act out every character's part. Once I began reading on my own, it was hard to stop. I always carried a book with me, a habit that has followed me to the present. I graduated high school thinking I should become a a novel editor. That dream stayed with me during my time at the University of Dayton, where I majored in English. The most useful information I ever learned about writing was at UD, where we read The Sense of Structure by George Gopen. From then on, I vowed to always remember my reader, and that writing is first and foremost a form of communication. Three months after I graduated college, I began work with a newswire service*, formatting and proofreading news releases before they get sent out to the media. While it's not exactly the editing I had in mind, I am very happy in my work and love the business I'm in. It's oftentimes demanding work, and I'll admit sometimes I just want to come home and veg in front of the TV rather than delve deep into some good writing. But it's pretty cool to see how the news comes to the world, starting from scratch.

So now I've created this blog! I hope it will help me to stay enamored with the written word, and I hope to spread my adoration of reading to the masses. Ok, well, I guess what I'm seriously hoping for is that the books and info on this blog will help spark some great communication and discussion. Thanks for reading!

(Speaking of reading, I've recently started The Forever War by Dexter Filkins; when you're looking for the first review, that will be it.)

*Needless to say, any comments, opinions, or statements expressed in this blog are solely those of the author, and are in no way affiliated with the author's employer or its parent company.

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  1. I love paperback too, except when I borrow it from a friend. Seems it always comes to me in pristine condition, especially from one fastidious friend, and I just KNOW it's going to be looking dogeared and disheveled when I give it back! Book guilt. Perhaps the best kind.