You Knew It Was Coming...

What's a book blog without a list of the author's favorites? In a completely non-exhaustive and unparticular order:
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Children of the River
  • The Outsiders
  • Blonde
  • Gone with the Wind
  • To Full Term: A Mother's Triumph Over Miscarriage
  • The Sense of Structure: Writing From a Reader's Perspective
  • Katharine Kerr's Deverry series
  • Drop City
  • America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates and Heroines
  • The Vagina Monologues
  • Ramona the Pest
  • Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
  • Le Petit Prince
  • Exiles: The Ruins of Ambrai
  • The Things They Carried
  • If I Die in a Combat Zone
  • Not So Quiet...
  • The Sun Also Rises
And what determines a favorite, you ask?

I'm sort of biased in this area. Sometimes I feel like I've fallen in love with almost every book I've ever finished. The feeling is especially powerful if I did a really good job picking a book to suit my mood. I adore the feeling I get when I've matched up my mood with the mood of the book. It's what I imagine marriage will be like. Here's another list I'm currently using as a scale. Feel free to rate your own books using it. Again, non-exhaustive:
  • A favorite book should wrench your heart, in any direction, if only for 30 seconds.
  • A favorite book should make you laugh out loud.
  • A favorite book should cause you (at times) to take pause in your reading and regroup, because you realize you've been audibly mumbling the most exciting parts to yourself.
  • A favorite book is literally impossible to put down because it's figuratively glued to your hand.
  • A favorite book leaves you feeling satisfied, no matter what the ending.
  • A favorite book is meaningful enough, and surprising enough, for rereads.
  • A favorite book excites you.
  • A favorite book invites you.
  • A favorite book allows you time to breathe.
  • A favorite book leaves you with a new thought.
  • A favorite book earns your respect, it never commands it.
  • Last but not least, a favorite book just makes you feel happy.
I suggest we all take some time to pull out the ol' favorites, leaf through them, tell them you love them. Ahem, well. Happy reading, everyone!


  1. Oh, honey. You crack me up. Marriage can indeed be like a good, favorite book, but it is certainly NOT always going to match your mood, unless you're magical, and then you gotta show me what I'm doing wrong. LOL.

  2. ha, I did say 'imagine.' Oh, little girl dreams...

  3. True, true...and I suppose I should not be so cynical! It definitely is that way sometimes. Books still don't talk back. Hahaha.